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6,8 kWh 148 VDC Pressure-tolerant Li-Po Battery

This battery module has been specially designed to be compliant with DNVGL classification authority rules for the classification and construction of submersibles for the application in manned/unmanned submersible vehicles, rated 6.000m. This ensures the highest standards of quality and safety in design, manufacturing and performance.

The result is a very compact pressure compensated battery module offering a very good weight and volume to power ratios, 148 VDC, 6.8 kWh in a box containing the BMS, the control circuit, the protective elements, charge/discharge and monitoring/control contactors.

Download the data-sheet:


  • 6,8 kWh Battery Power
  • 6.000m deep sea pressure tolerant
  • Up to 7000 cycles
  • LFP chemistry
  • high power, energy and safety
  • Weight in air: 105kg
  • Volume: 52 liters
  • Length: 617mm
  • Width: 274mm
  • Height: 352mm


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