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Hydrostatic testing facilities: Ictineu Submarins SL has an hydrostatic testing laboratory with two autoclaves and experience in test procedures for different type of equipment including solid parts, pressure tight containers, oil filled containers, small electronics, and electric equipment.

Technical specifications

Oil filled autoclave

  • Dimensions: 600mm long x 135mm (internal diameter)
  • Maximum pressure: 250 atmospheres (3673psi)
  • Time to maximum pressure: 2 min

Water filled autoclave

  • Dimensions: 1.500mm long x 595mm (internal diameter)
  • Maximum pressure: 220 atmospheres (3233psi)
  • Time to maximum pressure: 7-10 min

In the two autoclaves liquid (water or oil) is used at ambient temperature, between 13 and 25ºC. Both autoclaves have penetrators available for electric connections. This allows to test equipment with power feed and signal communication interior/exterior, so real conditions can be simulated. The autoclave in water has two manometers for reading pressure and one automatic pressure limiter based in a third and independent reading system.

We can provide a whole service for your equipments/samples/prototypes pressure test:

  •   we can manage the collecting and shipping back of your items, so you do not need to move
  •   we can assess you in the test procedures and results analysis
  •   we can prepare your equipment for testing (including cabling and monitoring)
  •   we can assess test results and support you in the improvement of prototyping/samples for the next test