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ICTINEU 3 submersible

Research submersible ICTINEU 3 The ICTINEU 3 is a new generation manned submersible, with a powerful state-of-the-art battery package that can drive up to 20 miles underwater. This exceptional range is achieved through exacting hydrodynamics and vehicle efficiency making ICTINEU 3 a safe and excellent tool for underwater exploration, scientific research and underwater intervention. The ICTINEU 3 submersible is a 3-person vehicle rated to 1200m and it is among the top 10 deepest (active) submersibles in the world. It offers an unobstructed view of the seabed thanks to a big acrylic window 1.5m in diameter. ICTINEU 3 will be launched under GL A5 classification. Innovation The ICTINEU 3 incorporates several innovations that make it a cutting-edge new tool for underwater observation and work:

  • Innovation in stainless-steel materials for an insuperable volume / weigh ratio and low maintenance
  • Composites are used as structural material, including last generation and fire-proof materials
  • First certified lithium-polymer battery system for high power and high-energy capacity
  • Huge acrylic dome to withstand depths under 1000m
  • Improvements in ergonomics and design in work class submersibles

General Specifications

    • Operating depth: 1200 m
    • Length: 4800 mm
    • Weight in air: 5300 kg
    • Beam: 1950 mm
    • Cruising speed: 1.5 knots
    • Height: 3000 mm
    • Working autonomy: 10h
    • Crew: 1 pilot, 2 observers
    • Life support: 120 man hours
    • Propulsion: 4 Stern + 4 Manoeuvring thrusters, 2kWe
    • Batteries: 42kWh, 150V, Li-Ion polymer

Main Facts

      • Reduced weight for easy operation from most research vessels, 5.300 kg
      • Reduced size for easy transportation to diving place, fits in a 20 feet container
      • Passengers can go in/out from water surface
      • High power and high energy capacity: any mission can be performed with no limitation of energy regardless the instrumentation/lighting being used
      • Facility and capacity to upload any instrument or sensor from the client
      • Able to travel up to 20 miles underwater
      • Huge field of view for photography and video recording, unobstructed.
      • Long dives + comfort + high operability + safety are possible

Download the data-sheet: DATA-SHEET