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Ictineu Li-Po Battery Charger

The Ictineu Battery Charger has been designed for the purpose of charging Lithium Polymer batteries provided by Ictineu Submarins S.L.

This charge system has been developed to safely charge lithium polymer batteries. It is integrated into a robust, watertight rolling case and it includes all the necessary safety systems and cables (5, 10 and 15 m options) for charging your battery.


It is delivered ready to plug and play and easy to operate.
The front panel provides clear information about cabling and connection as well as charge status. It includes led indicators, a Voltmeter, an Ampmeter, a status monitoring display as well as CAN and RS232 interfaces for each battery. The communication interfaces allow the client to monitor the battery status and all the battery parameters in detail.

This charger system is based on the same one used for years with the ICTINEU 3 submersible, the components are reliable and high quality. It ensures a safe and proper charge procedure and so a longer life for your battery.

This product can be purchased as a Single Charger (one unit charges one battery) or as a Dual Charger (one unit charges two batteries at the same time).

For Sales and Support you can find us at:

Ictineu Headquarters in Barcelona

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