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The ICTINEU 3 submersible has undergone successful trials at

sea. They have been performed at Tarragona harbour up to 20 meters depth, and the vehicle has proven to be very stable, efficient, precise in movements and comfortable. Stability and free-board have been checked proving that a comfortable entrance and exit of passengers from sea is allowed. Easiness for piloting and comfort for the crew have been also checked satisfactory. The main facts that have been proven during these tests are the almost-endless energy provided by the li-po battery system, the easy and great flotability control and manoeuvre that the pilot has on the vehicle, the easiness in piloting a fully controllable-6 degrees of freedom vehicle, and the powerful thrust and very precise movements that the specially designed motor controllers provide to the submersible. A great experience in an extraordinary machine. The 1200m rated manned submersible is ready to start operation in the following months. We are eager to start diving with you!